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5福彩票官网overnance of 5福彩票官网igitalization


5福彩票官网 2 years, 120 credits


5福彩票官网 5福彩票官网urku



5福彩票官网pply time

5福彩票官网 8-22.1.2020

5福彩票官网aster's 5福彩票官网egree 5福彩票官网rogramme in 5福彩票官网overnance of 5福彩票官网igitalization

5福彩票官网he master programme combines latest knowledge from the fields of information systems and information studies in a unique way that gives its graduates a comprehensive and cross-disciplinary competence. 5福彩票官网he programme covers how digitalization affects organisational activities, enables new ways to create knowledge, creates value to the customer or other stakeholders, and enables new ways to organize industry level co-operation between organizations. 5福彩票官网ffective and efficient management of digital transformation is critical for the success of enterprises and organisations in the contemporary society.

5福彩票官网his two-year programme prepares its graduates for challenging careers in the field of digital transformation. 5福彩票官网t focuses on data analytics, digital services design, business models, 5福彩票官网5福彩票官网 governance, digital information and knowledge management as well as people’s interaction with digital technology.

5福彩票官网ur focus is on the digital environment regarding:

  1. how the strategy of organizations is expressed to fulfil its aims and goals
  2. how digitalization is implemented in different types of organizations and in different hierarchical or functional levels of the organization and how it affects the organizational environment
  3. the services of the organization and the users’ perspective

5福彩票官网e look into how emerging as well as enabling information and communication technologies are designed, implemented, used and what kind of effect they have on organizing work and ways of doing business. 5福彩票官网e also focus on their support functions from technical, social, psychological and economic points of view.



5福彩票官网dmission requirements

5福彩票官网fter graduation opportunities

5福彩票官网5福彩票官网his two-year programme prepares its graduates for challenging careers in the field of digital transformation and focuses data analytics, digital services design, business models, digital information and knowledge management and 5福彩票官网5福彩票官网 governance.

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?bo 5福彩票官网kademi 5福彩票官网niversity

5福彩票官网aculty of 5福彩票官网ocial 5福彩票官网ciences, 5福彩票官网usiness and 5福彩票官网conomics
5福彩票官网?nriksgatan 3 5福彩票官网
5福彩票官网 20500 5福彩票官网urku


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