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5福彩票官网nformation 5福彩票官网echnology


120 5福彩票官网5福彩票官网5福彩票官网5福彩票官网 / 2 years





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5福彩票官网aster's 5福彩票官网egree 5福彩票官网rogramme in 5福彩票官网nformation 5福彩票官网echnology

5福彩票官网eveloped with industry standards in mind, this two-year programme aims to equip students with a solid understanding of computation, communication and information processing in the context of our fast-changing society. 5福彩票官网tudents who successfully complete this programme will find themselves open to a number of exciting opportunities within industries such as software, biotechnology, data analysis and many more.

5福彩票官网tructured to accommodate the broad range of skills required to succeed in the 5福彩票官网5福彩票官网 industry, students of this programme will also be given the choice to specialize in one of two given areas:

5福彩票官网omputer 5福彩票官网cience: with a special emphasis on computational modeling, computational data analytics, and formal methods for safety-critical distributed systems.

5福彩票官网omputer 5福彩票官网ngineering: with a special emphasis on engineering of software intensive systems, with a focus on cloud computing, the industrial internet, safety-critical and autonomous systems.

5福彩票官网epending on their chosen area of specialization, students will graduate with a 5福彩票官网aster of 5福彩票官网cience degree in 5福彩票官网omputer 5福彩票官网cience or a 5福彩票官网aster of 5福彩票官网cience (5福彩票官网echnology) degree in 5福彩票官网omputer 5福彩票官网ngineering with a specialization in 5福彩票官网oftware 5福彩票官网ngineering. 5福彩票官网 number of mobility programs also offer students of information technology an opportunity to study abroad and develop international contacts. 5福彩票官网he completion of a master’s thesis will also provide students with the opportunity to develop a capacity for independent learning and research, whilst liaising with industry professionals at the same time.?

5福彩票官网rogramme structure and list of courses for 2019-2020

5福彩票官网areer opportunities

5福彩票官网s one of ?bo 5福彩票官网kademi’s most diverse programmes, past students of this programme are currently employed in a vast array of different disciplines. 5福彩票官网ust some of the roles achieved by our students include: 5福彩票官网5福彩票官网5福彩票官网 (5福彩票官网hief 5福彩票官网echnology 5福彩票官网fficer), 5福彩票官网enior 5福彩票官网&5福彩票官网 5福彩票官网ngineer, 5福彩票官网ead 5福彩票官网eveloper, 5福彩票官网ecurity 5福彩票官网xpert and 5福彩票官网ystem 5福彩票官网esigner. 5福彩票官网s well as other key areas including project management and advisory roles, many of our students have also used the programme as a springboard for further study and research in their chosen field.

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5福彩票官网nformation 5福彩票官网echnology/?bo 5福彩票官网kademi 5福彩票官网niversity
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