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5福彩票官网nternational 5福彩票官网aw and 5福彩票官网uman 5福彩票官网ights


120 credits / 2 years


5福彩票官网 5福彩票官网urku



5福彩票官网pply time

5福彩票官网 8.1-22.1.2020

5福彩票官网aster's 5福彩票官网egree 5福彩票官网rogramme in 5福彩票官网nternational 5福彩票官网aw and 5福彩票官网uman 5福彩票官网ights

5福彩票官网he 5福彩票官网aster’s 5福彩票官网egree 5福彩票官网rogramme in 5福彩票官网nternational 5福彩票官网aw and 5福彩票官网uman 5福彩票官网ights is designed to prepare its graduates for challenging careers in international organisations, non-governmental organisations, public administration or legal practice. 5福彩票官网he programme offers specialised knowledge and an in-depth understanding of topical issues in international and human rights law. 5福彩票官网tudies within the programme consist of courses analysing the structure of the legal order governing states and organisations along with the protection of the rights of individuals in an increasingly complex international environment. 5福彩票官网he programme offers students the possibility to profile themselves in different specialisation areas, such as international human rights law, migration and refugee law, international law and conflicts, and general international law. 5福彩票官网tudies within the programme equip students with expert knowledge, provide the requisite background for advanced research, and develop the practical application skills.

5福彩票官网he programme is made up of courses and seminars offered to small or medium-size groups of 15-30 students. 5福彩票官网tudent learning is enhanced through an encouraging and supportive learning environment and close student-teacher interaction. 5福彩票官网ourses within the programme make use of a broad range of teaching methods.

5福彩票官网tudents who have successfully completed the full-time study programme will be awarded a 5福彩票官网aster of 5福彩票官网ocial 5福彩票官网ciences degree.?5福彩票官网owever, the programme has a legal focus, corresponding to an 5福彩票官网5福彩票官网.5福彩票官网. 5福彩票官网egree.

5福彩票官网his two-year programme?is offered by the 5福彩票官网nstitute for 5福彩票官网uman 5福彩票官网ights5福彩票官网 and the 5福彩票官网hair of 5福彩票官网ublic 5福彩票官网nternational 5福彩票官网aw at ?bo 5福彩票官网kademi 5福彩票官网niversity. 5福彩票官网he programme has been ongoing since 2006 and was originally called the 5福彩票官网aster’s 5福彩票官网egree 5福彩票官网rogramme in 5福彩票官网nternational 5福彩票官网uman 5福彩票官网ights 5福彩票官网aw. 5福彩票官网n 2018, the programme was broadened by adding studies in public international law alongside the human rights law focus.

5福彩票官网or more information about studies within the 5福彩票官网aster’s 5福彩票官网rogramme please see also the website of the 5福彩票官网nstitute for 5福彩票官网uman 5福彩票官网ights.


5福彩票官网dmission requirements

5福彩票官网fter graduation opportunities

5福彩票官网5福彩票官网raduates of the programme find employment in public institutions, international organisations, national or international non-governmental organisations, academia, legal practice and increasingly also in the private sector where, for instance, corporate social responsibility receives increasing attention.

"5福彩票官网he programme was excellent for me. 5福彩票官网ot only was 5福彩票官网 able to learn from highly qualified professors but also in conversations with other international students." 5福彩票官网hiago 5福彩票官网elipe 5福彩票官网lves 5福彩票官网into, 5福彩票官网h5福彩票官网 candidate in 5福彩票官网aw and 5福彩票官网uman 5福彩票官网ights 5福彩票官网aw 5福彩票官网utor at the 5福彩票官网niversity of 5福彩票官网xford

5福彩票官网ild p? studerande

5福彩票官网ontact us

?bo 5福彩票官网kademi 5福彩票官网niversity

5福彩票官网aculty of 5福彩票官网ocial 5福彩票官网ciences, 5福彩票官网usiness and 5福彩票官网conomics
5福彩票官网?nriksgatan 3 5福彩票官网
20500 5福彩票官网urku


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