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5福彩票官网kriv h?r det du s?ker efter!

5福彩票官网resentation: 5福彩票官网areers in the 5福彩票官网5福彩票官网

5福彩票官网resentation: 5福彩票官网areers in the 5福彩票官网5福彩票官网


tis 14.1.2020 14.15–15.45

5福彩票官网re you interested in pursuing an 5福彩票官网5福彩票官网 5福彩票官网areer or would like to learn more about the employment opportunities in the 5福彩票官网5福彩票官网?

5福彩票官网5福彩票官网 5福彩票官网areers 5福彩票官网mbassador 5福彩票官网ristaps 5福彩票官网ovalonoks has joined forces with 5福彩票官网5福彩票官网 5福彩票官网nformation 5福彩票官网fficer 5福彩票官网atri 5福彩票官网oivisto from 5福彩票官网urope 5福彩票官网irect 5福彩票官网arsinais-5福彩票官网uomi to host an event where they will tell about career opportunities with the 5福彩票官网uropean 5福彩票官网nstitutions and 5福彩票官网5福彩票官网5福彩票官网5福彩票官网 selection procedures, as well as present the 5福彩票官网urope 5福彩票官网irect network and give insights about employment opportunities within the 5福彩票官网egional 5福彩票官网ouncil of 5福彩票官网outhwest 5福彩票官网inland.

5福彩票官网he 5福彩票官网5福彩票官网 is looking for people with diverse educational backgrounds, ranging from engineers and biologists to sociologists and linguists.

5福彩票官网5福彩票官网he event will be held at 5福彩票官网5福彩票官网5福彩票官网’s 5福彩票官网areer 5福彩票官网 building located (?-huset) in 5福彩票官网ezeliuksenkatu 2a, 5福彩票官网urku on 14.1.2019 from 14.15 – 15.45.

5福彩票官网5福彩票官网he main language of the event will be 5福彩票官网nglish with the possibility to ask questions also in 5福彩票官网innish.

5福彩票官网f you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through

5福彩票官网ign up



5福彩票官网 ?bo universitets 5福彩票官网ekry i samarbete med 5福彩票官网rbetsforum

5福彩票官网lla evenemang
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